Welcome to the Colorado Springs Chapter of Sexaholics Anonymous!

If you think you might be addicted to pornography, lust or sex, you may be interested in learning more about Sexaholics Anonymous.

Though the idea of sex addiction is new to many, sex is increasingly understood as another in the growing list of addictive means people use to reduce isolation, lack of emotion and tension; to resolve conflict, gain power and provide escape; or supply false emotional and spiritual security.

Many of us saw that regardless of how, why, or when it began, there came a time when we were acting against our wills. Only when we tried stopping did we see that we were addicted to lust, sex, or relationships. We were sexaholics.

Sexaholics Anonymous was started by those who found that the the 12-Step program originated by Alcoholics Anonymous was the instrument of their recovery when nothing else worked. As they stayed sexually sober and grew stronger, they saw that these principles were a way of living that transformed their lives from the inside out.

Coming from all walks of life, members are united by their common problem, though most of us felt ours was unique, the most painful, and that no one else could identify or understand. Meeting regularly, talking and helping other sexaholics together, we are able, under God, to stop our acting-out and lose the obsession.

If you feel you may identify and want to stop, we offer you our hand in fellowship. Please use the Contact page to get in touch with us.

Anyone who turns to SA can be assured that his or her anonymity will be protected.